How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

Building the career of your dreams from the comfort of our own home might seem like the ideal scenario, and surely enough it does to any of your friends, family, and colleagues. However, every remote worker knows all too well about the perils and common problems that come up when you’re working at home. Whether… Read more »

Optimize Business Processes within Your Remote Team

Virtual offices are the workplace of tomorrow. In the past, people in the office had to sit next to each other in small cubicles with very limited space and privacy during their daily grind. Nowadays, technology has reshaped the modern workplace so much so that people from different continents can work together in the same,… Read more »

Get on the Fast Track: How to Create Visibility When You are a Remote Professional

Making sure you’re recognized as an on-the-way-up mover and shaker with political savvy can be challenging even when you are physically present in an office every day. When you are a remote professional, it gets even more complicated. How do you elevate your visibility, establish for your value ad carve out an upward career track… Read more »

Remote Professionals
Separate Offices Key to Happiness for Couple Working Remotely

Judy Dunn and her husband, Bob, both work from home. It’s great for them because working remotely enables them to live in a tiny town on the West Coast far from where they might otherwise have on-site jobs. There’s just one tiny problem. Judy is a writer who needs quiet to focus and long chunks… Read more »

It’s Time to Put an End to Bad Meetings

Let’s be honest. No one likes meetings. They may perform a necessary function occasionally, but the majority of the time they are a big fat waste. Most are poorly structured, badly run and an annoyance for everyone in attendance. Let me give you a prime example from a client working for a major international bank.… Read more »

The Future of Work – Rethinking Remote

For years the discussion regarding remote work has been entirely too limited to whether people should or shouldn’t work from home. That ship has sailed. They do work from home and this isn’t going away any time soon. Yet big companies continue to make headlines when they declare an end to the practice as pundits… Read more »

Remote Work Means Being Able to Work at Night

  Like many, Sebastian Raposa, owner of Tricked Media, landed in remote work by default. While searching for a conventional job in videography after college, he picked up some freelance assignments. Those gigs turned into a business that gives him flexibility to work from wherever he wants. What are the advantages of remote work when… Read more »

Don’t Let the Conversation Stop, Keep it Going Online

It’s great to get out and meet people. But what happens when the event ends? Don’t let those business cards just sit in your pocket. Pick up the conversation using online channels. You could use email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. Find out what the person you want to talk to uses most and start… Read more »

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Remote Workers

Have you made your list and checked it twice? Don’t forget about your favorite remote professional. We may not be there for the office holiday lunch, but we want to celebrate along with you. While toiling in our home offices, cafes and co-working spaces, we’ve come up with quite a list of gift ideas to… Read more »

Make Remote Teams Better with Communication and Trust says Remote Professional

Starting in October 2004, Hal Gillam, a marketing manager for CDM Smith, commuted approximately 65 miles a day, each way, to the company’s headquarters in Kendall Square, Cambridge, from the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. After a few months, Hal and his manager decided to experiment with the option of his working from home a… Read more »