Make Remote Teams Better with Communication and Trust says Remote Professional

Starting in October 2004, Hal Gillam, a marketing manager for CDM Smith, commuted approximately 65 miles a day, each way, to the company’s headquarters in Kendall Square, Cambridge, from the North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. After a few months, Hal and his manager decided to experiment with the option of his working from home a… Read more »

How to Set Up for Temporary Telecommuting

Bostonians were just settling back to work after the holiday break when news of the pending storm hit hard. Weather forecasters were throwing around big words like bombogenesis and bomb cyclones. School children rejoiced at the prospect of more days off while employers let out a collective groan. It was clear even before the first… Read more »

How to Assess Your Remote Team’s Performance

As companies think through how they manage and evaluate their remote teams, conventional practices for measuring performance don’t cut it. If you have a remote workforce and you want the best from them, be prepared to integrate old techniques with new ones to accommodate this new style of working. To be effective, you need to set clear expectations, observe behavior carefully then take the best evaluation methods and meld them with new perspectives.

Build Self-Accountability to Promote Positive Remote Team Interactions

Good team dynamics don’t just happen on their own; they are the result of good planning on the part of the team leader as well as lots of personal accountability among the team members. As a remote team leader there are some simple steps you can take up front to set your folks on a… Read more »

5 Fundamental Trust Building Activities You Can Do Over Video Calls

You don’t need to be face to face for the right trust building activities to work like a charm and help your team grow “If you don’t have trust inside your company, then you can’t transfer it to your customers.” –Roger Staubach Teamwork. Trust. They’re easy words to toss out. But how do you bring… Read more »

Leading a Remote Team to Growth and Glory with 5 Simple Rules

Your guide to leading a remote team that can’t be beat The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. – Ralph Nader Leadership is an oft misunderstood term. A favorite kids’ game is Follow the Leader, in which you do exactly what the leader does. The phrase, “Lead by example” implies… Read more »

Building Trust with Employees Goes Both Ways

Building trust with employees takes work, but the effort pays off There are advantages to building a company around remote work. You can hire the right people, no matter where they live. You can work without office distractions. And because of the tools and software available, you can cut down on waste and administrative inefficiencies,… Read more »

Val Gordon
Strategic Planning with a Virtual Team Requires Good Lines of Communication

Val Gordon, who lives in Connecticut will be overseeing strategic planning for a InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a campus ministry based in Madison, WI with staff all over the country. Previously, she worked on a college campus overseeing InterVarsity’s program there to engage students. In that role, she worked out of a home office and spent… Read more »

How to Build a Network as a Remote Professional

Regardless of your relationship with technology, it’s hard to ignore the impact it’s has had on the world. I was thinking about this on my way to the airport recently armed with my 2.2 lb laptop with its long-life battery and my smart phone; reminiscing on the day, many years ago when I schlepped my… Read more »

How to Develop a Positive Work Culture with Your Remote Team

Building a company culture is important for almost any work environment. It sets the tone for the way that employees approach their responsibilities, and it determines the values of the company as a whole. Building the right organizational culture in any work setting can be difficult, but there are unique challenges that come with developing… Read more »