Tips for Successful Networking at a Co-working Space

Dear Sophaya: I work in a co-working space, which I love. What are some of the successful networking stories for those who work in these spaces? Any tips?   From: co-working Kate   Hi Kate!  Many of the Sophaya team members use co-work spaces in their local area – we all agree, co-work spaces are great. We… Read more »

The 5 Productivity Roadblocks that Could be Hiding in Your Home Office

Raj Jana is a busy entrepreneur and business owner who loves the freedom of working from home. But he knows it’s important to get that home office set up just rights. He has some tips that have helped him be more productive. Having a home office requires self-discipline and having an office that lets you… Read more »

Building credibility and trust in virtual teams: Give ‘em the benefit of the doubt

What I have discovered over the years is that a leader is only as good as her team. And, the quality of the teamwork will depend on how the leader manages. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a big opportunity. I’ve learned a lot from working with teams that are dispersed all over the… Read more »

Will Working 9-5 Kill the Remote Work Vibe?

Take a quick look around and you’ll notice that the 9-5 workday is fading. As a millennial, I can attest that flexibility is a leading priority in job hunting. As of today, 21-36 year olds make up 35% of the US workforce and our work preferences are reshaping the corporate culture. Granted, most people still… Read more »

How to Work on Vacation Without Hating Life

Vacations are supposed to be a time to get away and forget about work for a while, but let’s be real – sometimes the only way to get away is to take some of the work with you. You’re in the middle of a project, you’re the crucial decision maker or there’s just too much… Read more »

How to Find Part-Time Remote Work that Will Be Satisfying

Dear Sophaya, Any suggestions or info on moonlighting? Finding remote opportunities on a part-time basis? It would be great for transitioning or earning extra cash. From Leo Romero Dear Leo, What a great question, Leo! We just hired two remote contractors for a project here at Sophaya. So we know firsthand that the jobs are… Read more »

Finding the Best Work/Life Balance with Careful Scheduling and a Closed Door

Tara Gearheart started working remotely when she was an inside sales rep at HubSpot. After 60 days of training, she was able to work at home twice a week. That bumped up to three days at home and two in the office after the birth of her daughter. About two years later, with daughter number… Read more »

Easy Ways to Connect with Colleagues When You Work Remotely

Dear Sophaya, I’ve received a job offer with a company that doesn’t have an office…everyone works remotely. This scares me because I’ve never done it before and I really value the interactions I have with my co-workers in my current office. The new job is a great opportunity but I’m worried that I’ll be too… Read more »

Tips to Ease the Stress of Working Remotely

You lose the commute when you work remotely. You lose the office politics. You gain a better sense of work-life balance. And yet, you can’t completely shake the stress of work. We generally think of stress as a bad thing  – and it can be if we don’t approach it with the respect it deserves.… Read more »

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Co-working Spaces Evolve with Growth in Remote Work

There was a time when remote work almost exclusively meant working from home. Maybe it’s a desk in the corner of the living room, maybe it’s a private office over the garage. Regardless of the location, a big benefit is that it’s easier to work without disruptions. However, it can also be lonely. Hopping off… Read more »