Growing an Audio Company with a Remote Team

Dan Cavaliere loves loud music. A few years ago, he turned his passion for subwoofers into a high-quality custom audio business that makes high-end systems more affordable. He and his wife, Adriana, manage the business, New England Providore, LLC, from their base in Connecticut working with a team of distributors and dealers throughout the country. How… Read more »

How to Settle Into a New Location as a Remote Professional

My question is how can I meet other people who work from home? I recently moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Typically in an office setting you work alongside people in your field allowing you to talk about side projects, the latest innovations or even stuff like book recommendations. This is difficult to translate to the home… Read more »

Yes, This Traveling Vet Makes House Calls and Works Remotely

Maija Mikkola Curtis, DVM, got her first taste of remote work while at a conventional practice in Maine. A client couldn’t bring her cat to the office because she didn’t have a car. Maija made a house call and discovered the benefits of seeing pets in their own environment. The cat was more relaxed and… Read more »

5 Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

Onboarding is a process that has been a staple of truly smart HR practices for decades but it is finally really getting the attention it deserves. Increasingly, employers are becoming aware that the earliest experiences of their new employees mean a lot when it comes to their productivity and their willingness to stay with the… Read more »

7 Virtual Team Management Skills For Large Organizations

Construct a result-driven virtual team management strategy by following these seven steps to success Remote-based businesses are popping up all over these days. When we think of these types of companies, the picture is typically a small tech start-up that builds social apps and cool software. But larger corporations, more and more, are beginning to… Read more »

3 Leadership Skills for Effective Team Meetings over Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack and other Virtual Tools

Even the best managers should take the time to learn new leadership skills for effective team meetings in virtual settings As more companies go with a remote worker model, even the best managers are finding it critical to adapt their skills. Leading a remote team has its special set of challenges. And near the top… Read more »

The Ultimate Remote CEO Checklist for Growth and Profit

Remote CEOs agree: Communication and team interaction are key. Some 37 percent of American workers have worked virtually at some point in their careers, according to Gallup – a number that has increased fourfold in the last 20 years. And that means that somewhere out there, remote CEOs are working hard to herd all those… Read more »

5 Virtual Team Building Games For Work: Helping Remote Sales Groups Succeed

Fun team-building games for work when you don’t work near each other The problem with team-building in a remote company is that building camaraderie with people you don’t see in person is difficult. Yet the simple fact is that the teams who work well together also have a personal connection, at least in part. Team-building… Read more »

How to Convince a Skeptical Boss that Remote Works

Dear Sophaya, I work from home three days a week and have done for a long time. My job requires a lot of concentration. Since the office is open-concept; it can be extremely distracting to get work done. Our office has a lot going on and there are a couple of people who constantly interrupt… Read more »

Tips for Leading a Virtual Team and Getting Things Done

Deadlines and organization are the name of the game when you’re leading a virtual team You’ve spent the better part of two decades managing successful teams at all types of different companies. By this point, you’ve got your management style down, and you know what it takes to get the work done. You’re about to… Read more »