The 4 Laws of Managing Remote Employees They Don’t Teach You in Business School

Managing remote employees requires you to take what you know about leading a team and adjust that knowledge to the virtual world and its unique challenges No one probably ever taught you about managing remote employees. It feels like an underground course that other seem to have taken, but never ended up on your course… Read more »

How to Build Trust in Virtual Teams from a Distance

Stop micromanaging and learn to put your trust in virtual teams It’s time to be honest with yourself: are you a micromanager? Many supervisors are quick to dismiss the label because of the negative connotations but think about your habits as a manager. Do you: Ask for frequent updates on projects? Tell your employees to… Read more »

How to Stop Micromanaging When Managing Remote Teams

Managing remote teams is tough if you don’t set expectations. Use these strategies to learn how to stop micromanaging and lead your teams to success. Micromanagement has always been a taboo in the business world. Everyone knows it when they see it—managers breathing over your back, watching your every move, taking frequent opportunities to point… Read more »

Nailing Conference Call Etiquette in Any Time Zone

Are you trying to nail down effective calls between remote workers? Use these six conference call etiquette tips to get everyone on the same page. One of the things we tend to look over with distributed teams is availability and time zones. If you work in a position alongside employees in different time zones, it… Read more »

How to Deal with Coworkers Through Email, Skype, and Phone

Do you know how to deal with coworkers effectively through virtual communication? Use these tips to make your dialogues clear every time. Ever get the feeling that your communication with remote coworkers gets “lost in translation”? It’s fairly easy to misread a quick email as snippy, or mistakenly talk over people during a conference call.… Read more »

How to Create a Professional Background for a Skype Video Call in 10 Minutes

Want to look as professional as possible during virtual meetings? Learn how to choose a background for a Skype video call and impress your viewers. There are unique challenges for new remote employees when it comes to video conferencing. Virtual communication has a learning curve. Believe it or not, Skype meetings (and Google Hangouts, for that matter)… Read more »

How to Get a Job Working From Home and How to Keep It

Dreaming of having a more flexible work schedule? Find out how to get a job working from home and what types of qualities remote employers are searching for. It’s the equivalent of “living the dream” for most employees—get a job working from home and never leave your pajamas and coffee pot again. You’ve probably thought, “I’ll… Read more »

Build Relationships when You’re Working Remotely

Take the time to build relationships when you’re working remotely.