About Us

We believe in the power of remote teams and a dispersed workforce. Remote work is a powerful strategic business tool that allows organizations to optimize their workforce, leverage a global talent pool, and position themselves as a preferred employer of choice. Remote work provides operational cost savings for your business, enhanced quality of life for your employees, and a reduced carbon footprint for our environment. And in this era of COVID19, it builds business resilience and is a smart business continuity tactic.

Remote work is good for business, people, and the planet. It’s a win-win for everyone to structure your business so your team can Work. Anywhere.

Let us help you do it right.

Sophaya’s Leadership Team

Mari Anne Snow, Sophaya’s Founder and CEO, is a recognized remote work expert with over eighteen years’ experience helping organizations use remote work and distributed team strategies for cost-effective business growth and competitive market advantage. Mari Anne and her team focus on the human side of remote work. Throughout the pandemic, Mari Anne and her team applied their expertise to help companies re-think their business models, stay connected with their people, and assess their strategic risk. Her goal is to help her clients build greater business resilience, learn new skills for leading dispersed teams, and proactively plan for the workplace of the future.

Mari Anne is an avid sailor and has outfitted her Contessa 35, Tough Old Bird, with everything she needs to work on land or at sea.

Adriana Cavaliere joined Sophaya in September 2020 as the Director of Business Operations. Adriana‚Äôs career has been managing business operations in both the corporate office and professional education settings and she found a wonderful balance with the team at Sophaya.  Adriana manages Sophaya’s business practices, logistics, and operational structure. Adriana collaborates with our individual and corporate clients, coordinates strategic business development opportunities, and maintains Sophaya’s operational requirements.

Adriana is passionate about Remote Work being recognized as a powerful tool for professionals managing chronic illnesses. As a remote worker and part of a dispersed team, Adriana is kept company by the group in her shared office space – her doggos! Dexter, the goodest boy; and Lula Belle, the site four-paws {she’s not a foreman!}.

As the Creative Director and Head of Product Design for a remote company, communication is key. Josh Hernandez is responsible for understanding what it takes to fully operationalize remote work. Josh provides clients with an end-to-end solution that is people-focused and includes: a strategic plan, operational structure, work processes, course development, instruction as well as content production. Josh helps clients align the remote work program with their business goals while extending their companies culture and supporting their remote workforce throughout the entire business lifecycle.