Explore the untapped potential of remote teams. Here is the step-by-step process of constructing a remote work operating model, staging an implementation, then institutionalizing and sustaining the change. No fluff – just straightforward proven steps.

Mari Anne Snow’s new book: The Remote Work Handbook.

Hitting #1 Hot New Release in three different categories, Mari Anne is delighted, to say the least, and can’t thank her supporters and friends enough!

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What We Do

Sophaya helps businesses operationalize remote work.

The Sophaya Method™ is a 4-step process that provides end-to-end support and delivers everything you need to achieve business efficiencies, save money, build team engagement, and increase team resilience. Amp up your business continuity plans and stay in operation by adopting remote work in your organization now.

Who We Are

We focus on the operational structure and the human side of remote work.

Sophaya understands what it takes to fully operationalize remote work. We provide you with an end-to-end solution that is people-focused and includes: a strategic plan, operational structure, work processes, a talent management plan, and business skills training. We’ll help you align your remote work program with your business goals while extending your company culture and supporting your remote workforce throughout the entire business lifecycle.

Our Remote Nation Partnership

Sophaya partners with our sister company, Remote Nation, to design products for remote work.

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