Mari Anne will be presenting “When Building Your Future Plans, Prepare for a Complex, Multi-Channel Communication World” at the Disaster Recovery Journal’s Fall conference. There’s still time to register and book your travel if you’re joining Mari Anne Snow in person! REGISTER HERE

Planning for business resilience has never been easy, but today’s planners are faced with far more complexity than ever. New technology, highly dispersed teams, broadband inequities, and multi-generational differences have created an unprecedented communication environment of fragmented channel choices and lots of confusion. In this lively, highly interactive workshop, participants will explore the realities of a modern-day communication environment with a lot of variables and nuance. Participants attending this session will leave with:
– A big picture understanding of the complexities of multi-channel communications
– Top ten shifts in communication etiquette that applies to emergency communications
– Top ten shifts in human behavior that will impact people’s reactions to any plan implementation
– An action list of to-dos that will increase your plan’s effectiveness