Making a strong business case for working from home

Many bosses in large corporations are very suspicious of professionals working outside their office (particularly bosses that have always worked in offices themselves). If working from home fits your lifestyle, creating a strong business case to convince a skeptic requires a bit of forethought and an ironclad value proposition. We spoke with Aida C. to… Read more »

Virtual Branding – Part 1: Are You Missing the Party?

I find the new social media world fascinating. But what I find even more fascinating is people’s reaction to it. There are a couple of things that are pretty clear about this new area. Its redefining the definition of personal (and in many cases, professional) privacy. There are lots of people leveraging it in today’s… Read more »

Social Media: forget the tool, focus on the big picture

My father got my announcement about our new website the other day – and he immediately shot back a link to indicate his opinion of social media. And while I appreciate the blog topic which contends that investing financially in Twitter at this time is risky business, I think my father is missing… Read more »

Thinking through the implications of change

I have a pretty high risk tolerance. For me, change is interesting and (dare I say it) fun. But in my years as a change agent and a skilled change management practitioner, I have come to appreciate each organization has a unique tolerance level that’s tied to its culture, its leadership and its history. Any… Read more »

Social Media – It’s all about the relationship

If you are struggling with the whole social media trend, you aren’t alone, but you might be dating yourself. While many people I talk to lament the passing of “old” ways of communicating (letter writing, the telephone call), others eat, breathe and speak all things virtual. For me, there is always a middle ground. Call… Read more »

Maintaining momentum during tough times

It’s really hard to listen to the news these days and maintain an optimistic outlook.  Times are really tough.  Fear is so de-motivating.  It sucks up your positive energy and can leave you feeling so helpless.  But I sustain myself by understanding that life’s trials can lead to triumphs.   If I maintain a view that… Read more »

Plugged in, but for who’s latest benefit?

Maintaining a social media presence or collaborating online takes a lot of work.  It is also very seductive.  If you hate being alone, this is the place for you – with a global user base of millions you are sure to find someone to talk to (or listen to) at any moment in time so… Read more »

A reminder of the power of the personal endorsement

I attended a fascinating event in Foxboro, MA last week called the Inbound Marketing Summit. Hosted by a company called New Marketing Labs (, a self-professed team of new media “evangelists” who are nimble, proficient users, this group hosts events around the country to educate business people on effective ways to use social media for… Read more »

Confessions of a certain age: fascination and fear of social networking

Alright, I’ll admit it, I was never a gamer. I was too busy sailing or running or cooking or biking or doing most anything physical (I have a hard time sitting still). As I got a bit (dare I say it?) older, I was very busy with my job. I was so busy doing things… Read more »

Listen Up – Change is a Smart Business Strategy

I spend a lot of time speaking with business folks about change. Not surprising really given it’s my business and the general state of the world today is forcing everyone to contend with it. But under any circumstances, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, change is a constant. Convincing people to change (and… Read more »