8 Virtual Team Success Metrics to Keep Your Team On Track

When you’re no longer working on-site, there are specific ways you can manage virtual team success You’re making the leap from on-site manager to virtual manager, and while you’re excited about the big change—after all, you’ve heard that virtual teams are the future of work—you also don’t want to get started off on the wrong… Read more »

How to Stop Managing Remote Teams Like a Traditional Office Team

Managing remote teams can be an incredibly rewarding experience once you learn to look at things a little differently

Want to hear a secret? Remote teams and traditional office teams are not the same.

Managing Remote Teams at Velcro Companies

Julie Barry, Director of Global Brand for Velcro Companies, works mostly in a company office in New England but her team is spread across the globe. That means coordinating schedules across time zones and finding ways to bring people together through technology. She is set up to work from home on occasion and often travels abroad… Read more »

The Truth about Telecommuting

The facts are: Employees who work remotely increase their overall productivity. 80% of workers reported higher morale when working from home. 87% of remote workers surveyed feel more connected.      

How to Improve Communications When You Work Remotely

Working remotely comes with twists on the usual challenges of work due to distance. These new challenges call for new solutions. Whether you are a team member or a team leader, sometimes you just need another perspective. Our new feature, Ask Sophaya, provides professional advice for working professionals. Reach out with your questions, and we’ll… Read more »

3 Ways Developing a Leadership Mindset Can Benefit Your Entire Remote Team

It’s easy to let leadership slip when you manage a remote team, but developing a leadership mindset can keep you and your team in high-performance shape. If you manage a remote team, you already know the benefits and challenges that come with working remotely. What you and your team gain in flexibility, you lose in… Read more »

The 3 Keys to Remote Workforce Management (+ 9 Tools to Make it Work)

You’ve heard the stories, but the truth is that remote workforce management isn’t really that difficult. There’s a myth around remote work that needs some light. Many companies and managers believe that employees will take advantage of remote work situations and fail to do their jobs. But with the right remote workforce management, many employees… Read more »

How to Turn Strangers Into a Strong Remote Team

“Dear Sophaya, My team is all over but sometimes it feels like they just aren’t connecting well. What can I do to help break down barriers and bring them closer?” Signed, Lisa Hi Lisa, When everyone is remote and new to working with each other there is one key fundamental you need to remember. Strangers… Read more »

8 Organizational Growth Strategies of 100% Virtual Businesses

A behind the scenes look at the organizational growth strategies of some of the most successful virtual companies In the not-too-distant past, working from home was code for taking a day off. Small and medium-sized companies had a geographical limit in where they could operate. Even businesses in major metropolitan regions could only expand so… Read more »

9 Virtual Team Building Activities and Apps That Boost Morale and Inclusivity

Successful remote managers keep employees connected and communicating with a mix of the latest technology and virtual team building activities When you’re managing an in-office team, you usually aren’t thinking much about whether or not your employees are communicating properly. You see them sending e-mails, picking up their phones, dropping by cubicles, having meetings, and… Read more »