How to Take Advantage of Technology Without Getting Overwhelmed

Modern technology continues to advance and evolve further. Nowadays, businesses are constantly on a lookout for the latest technology that can be implemented to boost efficiency and overall performance on the market. However, implementing the latest tech is disruptive by nature. When new technology comes along, entire industries can be disrupted and that trickles down… Read more »

Brian Dolan
Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Builds Startup with Remote Team

Brian Dolan and his team of advertising and marketing experts at Work Reduce save companies every day from making mistakes in their digital ad buying programs that cost millions of dollars. Together, they review ads and ad buying programs finding errors and issues that even the best artificial intelligence can’t uncover. Although they work together… Read more »

Dear Santa, Please Bring Me More Time! Signed a Remote Pro

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good remote worker this year, really I have! I’ve scheduled my days, kept in touch with my colleagues, and used that app that turns off social media when I’m supposed to be focused on a project. I even organized a virtual lunch with my colleagues. So, I am hoping you… Read more »

two remote workers communicating one with computer on his lap
Build Better Remote Work Teams with Good Collaboration

Your office may change when you start working remotely, but the job doesn’t change. You still need to collaborate with a team only now you need to find ways to make it work across a greater distance. When things are going well, collaboration is great. It lightens the load for everyone. When things go wrong,… Read more »

How to Engage Remote Teams Through Long-term Planning

Creating a long-term plan with a vision, strategy and measurable goals is essential for any company that wants to succeed and grow. But the planning process can do even more for companies with remote teams. It can be a way to engage workers, strengthen teams and build culture. Of course, planning, in general, isn’t easy.… Read more »

How to Protect Yourself Financially and Legally as a Freelancer

The recent bloom of the digital workforce has brought on a massive wave of people eager to join the digital ranks. Your next-door neighbor is likely running a graphic design course online, there’s an app developer selling their skills to a foreign company, and your aunt might just be one of those creative writers. No… Read more »

How to Part Ways With a Remote Worker and Do It Gracefully

When an employer is new to the interviewing process, the stakes are high and so are their nerves. Over time, young employers become comfortable and confident with the interview process—learning what screening techniques, questions and professionalism aspects make for hiring a successful candidate. Unfortunately, the process of firing someone is much the same as hiring.… Read more »

From research to hired, useful advice on working from home

Deborah Franco has recently been hired as a remote Social Media Specialist, at YourFranchiseOptions. Looking back on her career she highlights the important transitions she made and things she learned along the way. What was the lure in getting a remote job? For me, the main reasons I wanted to work from home was flexibility in… Read more »

How to Ace a Remote Working Interview

You’ve found the perfect remote job. You’ve submitted a stellar application. You got the call inviting you to interview, and you’ve spent the past week researching, drafting questions, and digging into your resume in preparation. Now, the big day is here–and no matter how many people reassure you that you are going to do great,… Read more »

How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

Building the career of your dreams from the comfort of our own home might seem like the ideal scenario, and surely enough it does to any of your friends, family, and colleagues. However, every remote worker knows all too well about the perils and common problems that come up when you’re working at home. Whether… Read more »