How to Involve Remote Workers in Holiday Celebrations

For lots of companies, the end of the calendar year heralds celebrations. Employees gather around cubicle decorating contests and share decorated cookies adorned in “ugly” sweaters. Organizations bring their staff together for off-work dinners, drinks, and gift swaps. It’s a time to shake off the stress from work and start anew in the presence of… Read more »

setting goals with a remote team image of a goal tracker on paper on a wood background
Setting Goals With a Remote Team for the Year Ahead

The dawn of a new year is ripe with opportunity. For many of us, the new year is a time when we take stock of our progress, both personally and professionally, and make resolutions to enhance our lives and businesses. New targets for success are top of mind. And as a result, it’s a great… Read more »

Remote Worker Interview – Carrie Sharpe

Picture this: You’re working remotely while also caring for five children in your home. Now, imagine that you’re also homeschooling those children while running a business. Oh, and you also work one-on-one with your spouse, as you co-own the business together. Does this scenario sound impossible? Well it’s not. Carrie Sharpe, a communications consultant and… Read more »

7 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Employees

Although remote work is lauded for many of its perks, it can still pose a few challenges for both the employer and the employee. Considering that a significant portion of the modern day’s workforce has already switched to telecommuting, building a digital nomad lifestyle, or at least some form of flexible remote work, it’s vital… Read more »

How to Find the Perfect Remote Working Job

Long commutes. Longer hours. Office politics. Dress codes. Days upon days spent away from home. Limited time for vacation. It’s no wonder why people are leaving traditional jobs and moving into the gig economy! In fact, the most recent “Freelancing in America” report indicates that 57.3 million people (around 36% of the workforce) held part-… Read more »

How to Keep Up with Remote Work When You Are Moving

Dear Sophaya, I recently started a full-time job as a marketing specialist for a small company. I will be working completely remotely, which is great because I have a lot of flexibility. I am moving from one state to another for a few months and then I will be moving again, hopefully to a long-term… Read more »

Real Estate Agents Find Best Location with Remote Work

For many years Doug Melcher ran a real estate company out of a central office in the Back Bay, a popular, upscale area of Boston. But when he disbanded that company and started a new agency earlier this year, he didn’t sign a new lease. Instead, he opted to run the Melcher Real Estate Group… Read more »

Remote Team Leader Relies on Systems to Banish Micromanagement

Ben Dolgoff hasn’t owned a car since he was 19. It’s not that he can’t afford one, it’s that he doesn’t want one. He doesn’t want to be tied down, he explains. And, he hasn’t needed one as he has been moving around the world building companies and now working for Datadeck. The company founded… Read more »

How to Recover From Mistakes When You Work Remotely

Dear Sophaya,  It has been a rough week. I have a lot of autonomy with my job and that’s great, but it means I don’t have anyone giving me back up. I was late to one conference call because I forgot what time it was supposed to start and then double booked two clients because… Read more »

How to Take Advantage of Technology Without Getting Overwhelmed

Modern technology continues to advance and evolve further. Nowadays, businesses are constantly on a lookout for the latest technology that can be implemented to boost efficiency and overall performance on the market. However, implementing the latest tech is disruptive by nature. When new technology comes along, entire industries can be disrupted and that trickles down… Read more »