How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

Building the career of your dreams from the comfort of our own home might seem like the ideal scenario, and surely enough it does to any of your friends, family, and colleagues. However, every remote worker knows all too well about the perils and common problems that come up when you’re working at home. Whether it’s the undefined work hours, the lack of motivation, or the numerous distractions that might surround your workstation; remote work is not inherently easy.

Instead, the road to success in this particular field is laden with trial and error, and one of the biggest problems freelancers encounter on their journey is of setting up their office space for maximum productivity and day-long zeal. Here is how you can create a home office that you won’t want to leave even when the clock strikes midnight.

Organize and declutter across the board

First things first, there can be no real productivity if physical clutter is weighing down on your body and mind. Two key notions are at play here. One, you will literally waste your time and sanity trying to find things in your office (or your cluttered computer) that are buried under piles of office supplies, physical documents, and personal belongings.

Two, physical clutter can quickly become emotional and psychological stress, which will inevitably affect your performance throughout the day and certainly influence your overall mood. You might want to believe that you’re able to thrive in your own creative mess, but more likely than not that exact mindset is holding you back from unlocking your true potential.

Bring in the right equipment

Technology is a vital element of modern business, and it is the driving force behind global enterprises, small businesses, as well as freelance professionals. You need a reliable computer to get the job done on a daily basis, and it’s essential that you complement your setup with a few key remote working tools in order to maximize your performance.

Aside from smart software intended to make your daily processes easier and better organized, you should also consider introducing the right kind of hardware to your workspace. For instance, a sound engineer needs amazing speakers much like a content creator needs a mechanical keyboard to make their writing that much more enjoyable, or just like a graphic designer needs to use a digital drawing monitor to take their skills to the next level.

Design the perfect layout

When it comes to home office design, numerous things can go wrong, and one of the biggest issues affecting your mood and productivity is the layout itself. You want to make the most out of the space you have, and modern architecture firms such as Superdraft emphasize the importance of spaciousness, lighting, maneuverability, as well as furniture design and positioning.

All of these elements must work synergistically in creating an ideal workspace that inspires productivity and keeps your spirits up throughout the day. Building your career from home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t design a professional office, so make sure to determine the ideal layout for your current needs, personality, and long-term goals.

Get the lighting just right

Another important element of home office design people rarely think about is lighting; natural as well as artificial. Firstly, natural light is not only important for your overall health, but it also plays a vital role in keeping your spirits up throughout the day and your energy levels topped off at all times. This begs the need to open the blinds, take down the curtains, and enjoy the healthful rays as you work.

On the other hand, when nighttime strikes and the sun sets well below the horizon, you want to have ample lighting in the room to keep you productive until the work is done. To achieve this, you will need a central overhead light, but also a warm side light on the table or in the corner that will cast a warm glow on your work desk. This way, you will have complete illumination and no chance of dozing off.

Create a space of positivity and zeal

Speaking of maintaining whole-day productivity, keep in mind that natural elements can have a profound impact on your emotional and psychological well-being, which is why office greenery should be the staple of your office decor. Complement the vibrant greenery in the corners and the windowsills with plenty of fresh air by installing an air purifier in the room and you’re all set for a positive, productive day!

Designing a home office is not just about picking out a corner of the house for your laptop. Rather, it’s about devoting an entire room to the steady growth of your career in a setting that fits your needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem designing a home office you’ll actually love.

Author Cooper Klein is a bearded dad and an entrepreneur from Sydney. He’s currently working as a blogger for Smooth Decorator and several online magazines. You can find him on Twitter.

Photo by Paige Cody