How to Find Part-Time Remote Work that Will Be Satisfying

Dear Sophaya,

Any suggestions or info on moonlighting? Finding remote opportunities on a part-time basis? It would be great for transitioning or earning extra cash.

From Leo Romero

Dear Leo,

What a great question, Leo! We just hired two remote contractors for a project here at Sophaya. So we know firsthand that the jobs are out there. Finding remote jobs these days is easier than you think for anyone with marketable skills. This is something to consider as you think about professional development and useable skills in today’s economy. Some of the more in-demand skills that translate well to remote work are: technology, any type of design work (graphic, UX, website, etc), lots of engineering jobs, branding, marketing, video editing, writing content, bookkeeping, accounting, coaching, teaching, sales, project management – I could keep going. What I’ve listed is just the tip of the iceberg.

New, interesting remote work opportunities are cropping up every single day. Check out our website and look through our Remote Nation Profiled segments to read about a host of innovative remote work professionals who have adapted their professions and adopted a remote work lifestyle. We delight in highlighting their stories so folks like you who are new to remote work can see the endless possibilities that are now available.

Back to your question, where can someone find their perfect remote work job? Happily, it’s getting easier and easier every day with a growing number of remote work job sites flourishing these days. Here’s just a few sources that we have found helpful. Full disclosure, we use these sites and respect the work they do, but we are not currently working with any of them:

  • Our top choice is Flexjobs, they do a great job highlighting remote work opportunities, give you great career advice and they did a GREAT blog post earlier this year with tips for looking more attractive to remote work employers. This post also contains a list of 100 companies with remote positions. We recommend you check it out!
  • There are also sites that focus on particular types of work such as Apparently they have over 150,000 users in their community with positions listed in programming, copywriting, all other development opportunities, customer support, system administration, marketing, business operations and management and design.
  • Look for a local job market such as Work Evolution, which matches people looking for flexible work arrangements with employers who offer flexible hours or remote work options.
  • There’s lots of us talking about remote work these days. Skillcrush recently did a great article listing a lot of our favorites places to find remote work: Flexjobs, weworkremote, co, working nomads.  Read the article.
  • If these don’t fit your need, you can always go more old school. Job board or job posting site (like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) are getting onboard with remote work and all of them allow you to do remote work searches now.

As remote professionals, we can attest to the pros (and cons) of remote work. Once you find the right remote job for you, Leo, don’t forget to invest time in building your skills for this type of work. That’s where Sophaya can help.

Check out our remote work skills library and we’ll help you prepare for remote work success!

Best of luck in your search, let us know how it goes!

Photo by Free To Use Sounds