Remote Work 2020

The graphic shows Nikki Hahn, who struggles with e-learning, full-time remote work, and a family of six.
Helping with e-learning While Working Is a Handful

Nikki Hahn juggles remote work, overseeing her children’s e-learning, and managing a busy household of six. How does she make it work?

The graphic shows Kacie Galligan, who adapted to remote work by creating her own workspace.
Creating a Workspace Helped This Remote Employee Adjust

Kacie Galligan works from home full-time. Creating a dedicated workspace helped her adapt in a house full of remote workers.

The graphic shows Jeff Berson, CFO, who stresses the importance of communicating with his staff.
Communicating Virtually Replaces Frequent Flying for This Exec

For Jeff Berson, the CFO of a data center in Kansas, the pandemic means communicating virtually and flying less.

The graphic shows, Rich Breymeier, who always worked remotely and now uses video conferencing to meet clients and teammates.
Video Conferencing, Service, and Solid Management

Rich Breymeier worked remotely even before the pandemic. Now, he’s 100% remote, using video conferencing to meet with clients and coworkers.

The picture shows Max, a recent college grad who is working from home.
Working From Home Is a Winner for This New Grad

Max Amendolara works with companies and students on, matching qualified candidates to jobs fitting their skill sets. He began working with this January in a remote position while he finished his senior year of college. That experience has made the transition to working from home simpler for him.  Thank you to Max for… Read more »

The graphic shows Cindy Reisner, an executive and mother of three, who is a long time remote employee.
This Remote Worker / Mom Offers Tips

Cindy Reisner is the Director of Qualitative Research at a market research company in Pennsylvania. She is also a mom of three and lives with her family in the suburbs of Philadelphia. As a longtime remote worker, Cindy has mastered the best tactics to be her most productive self, despite her children also being home… Read more »

The picture shows a combination home office and playroom all set for remote work.
Remote Work: More Efficient Than He Thought

Qibin Ye worked in his Boston office until COVID-19 hit. Now he works in a home office/playroom he shares with his daughter and enjoys remote work.

The graphic shows a woman who discusses her remote internship.
People Make Her Remote Internship Rewarding

Haley had to scramble to leave Italy when COVID-19 broke out. She doubted she’d find work, but landed a remote internship with a great team.

The picture shows remote workers Elizabeth and Justin Osborne and their son, Ethan.
Juggling Remote Work and a Toddler

Elizabeth and Justin Osborne are remote work champs, taking business calls while they play tag team parents to their 2-year-old son, Ethan.

The picture shows Fidel Escobar, realtor who discusses hiw remote work experience.
Remote Real Estate Takes Organization

Remote real estate may seem odd, but Fidel Escobar loves the ability to work his own hours, network, and the comfort of working from home.