Working From Home Is a Winner for This New Grad

The picture shows Max, a recent college grad who is working from home.

Max Amendolara works with companies and students on, matching qualified candidates to jobs fitting their skill sets. He began working with this January in a remote position while he finished his senior year of college. That experience has made the transition to working from home simpler for him. 

Thank you to Max for sharing his experience and advice on making the best of working from home!

The pandemic completely altered Max’s plans for the end of his senior year and his summer. After graduating from Quinnipiac University and beginning work for remotely in January, Max hoped to get into the office with his new co-workers. While he’s disappointed he hasn’t been able to work in-person with the rest of the Pangea team, Max takes working from home in stride.

Creating a private workspace

After moving back home with his family due to the lockdown, Max had to work remotely and productively. He turned his bedroom into a private workspace by bringing in a desk. He thought that would be the best way for him to avoid distractions. It’s where Max sees himself working for a while and he has no complaints. 

While he hasn’t been able to collaborate with co-workers in person, Max enjoys having his own workspace and working at his own pace. He sees his daily team calls and the technology they use to stay in contact, as a great way to make remote work easier. 

Task planning is key

Setting priorities is a key part of making working from home successful, according to Max. He avoids distractions and completes his goals by planning his days according to his to-do list. He recommends blocking out a plan of all of your work for the week to be as productive as possible. 

Max found the transition to working from home fairly smooth due to his experience working remotely while in school. Ensuring balance at home was a bit harder. He said, “It definitely keeps you busy, because you’re living in your workspace essentially.”

Freedom and flexibility are remote work perks

Creating his own schedule has also enabled Max to spend more time with family and walk his dog while still meeting his work goals. “It’s nice to have the freedom to get things done at home, but also be able to work throughout the day.” Max also tries to continue to socialize with friends over the phone and Zoom as much as possible. 

Despite originally looking forward to being in the office this summer, when speaking about remote work, Max told us, “Overall, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this for a while longer.” Hopefully, working from home will continue to be a great experience for Max!