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The graphic shows Jeff Berson, CFO, who stresses the importance of communicating with his staff.
Communicating Virtually Replaces Frequent Flying for This Exec

For Jeff Berson, the CFO of a data center in Kansas, the pandemic means communicating virtually and flying less.

The graphic shows, Rich Breymeier, who always worked remotely and now uses video conferencing to meet clients and teammates.
Video Conferencing, Service, and Solid Management

Rich Breymeier worked remotely even before the pandemic. Now, he’s 100% remote, using video conferencing to meet with clients and coworkers.

The picture shows a combination home office and playroom all set for remote work.
Remote Work: More Efficient Than He Thought

Qibin Ye worked in his Boston office until COVID-19 hit. Now he works in a home office/playroom he shares with his daughter and enjoys remote work.

The graphic shows a woman who discusses her remote internship.
People Make Her Remote Internship Rewarding

Haley had to scramble to leave Italy when COVID-19 broke out. She doubted she’d find work, but landed a remote internship with a great team.

The picture shows remote workers Elizabeth and Justin Osborne and their son, Ethan.
Juggling Remote Work and a Toddler

Elizabeth and Justin Osborne are remote work champs, taking business calls while they play tag team parents to their 2-year-old son, Ethan.

The picture shows Fidel Escobar, realtor who discusses hiw remote work experience.
Remote Real Estate Takes Organization

Remote real estate may seem odd, but Fidel Escobar loves the ability to work his own hours, network, and the comfort of working from home.

Agility Helps Startup Adapt to Remote Work

Adam Alpert, the co-founder & CEO of Pangea.app, has always worked remotely. That experience and the agility of his startup made remote work natural.

Suzanne Bell, a science tutor and expert in remote teaching shares her experiences during the pandemic.
This Science Teacher Gets Remote Teaching

Remote teaching is not new to Suzanne Bell. The pandemic has changed her science tutoring business and her family dynamic, but she’s adapting.

The graphic shows a photo of David Picket from Gotham Organization, who prepared well for remote work.
Preparation is key when leading a remote team

David Picket, CEO of Gotham Organization in NYC saw the pandemic coming and made sure his team was prepared for remote work.