Tag: COVID-19

The graphic shows Jeff Berson, CFO, who stresses the importance of communicating with his staff.
Communicating Virtually Replaces Frequent Flying for This Exec

For Jeff Berson, the CFO of a data center in Kansas, the pandemic means communicating virtually and flying less.

The picture shows Fidel Escobar, realtor who discusses hiw remote work experience.
Remote Real Estate Takes Organization

Remote real estate may seem odd, but Fidel Escobar loves the ability to work his own hours, network, and the comfort of working from home.

The graphic shows Dave Galajda, a dedicated teacher making the changes necessary to teach remotely.
COVID changes don’t change his dedication

This boarding school AP biology teacher made changes to his teaching methods when COVID hit. He didn’t change how much he cared for his charges.

The graphic shows a photo of David Picket from Gotham Organization, who prepared well for remote work.
Preparation is key when leading a remote team

David Picket, CEO of Gotham Organization in NYC saw the pandemic coming and made sure his team was prepared for remote work.