Resolutions, transformations at the start of a new chapter

New Year is a time of reflection. Something new has arrived – a new year – a blank canvas. It’s a time for reflection – for resolutions, a moment to examine possibility, a clean slate of potential. Is it your time to make new choices? People have such a capacity to adapt to change. We can enjoy the beauty of the moment knowing things won’t stand still. What is wonderful and good today slowly evolves into something different in the future. There is such potential in that moment before change. Intellectually we know all of this and yet we sometime fight hard to hold on to old, familiar ways. Silly really to hold on to things so tight when everything changes right before our eyes. It’s inevitable and breathtaking all at the same time.

At sophaya, we love change and we’ve created sophaya to accelerate the changes happening all across the globe –the expansion and evolution of remote work. Working outside the “office” can sometimes feel like such a solitary affair! And yet there are so many of us carving out new work identities that create new opportunities for fun and friendship. Why reinvent the hard way when you can come to learn from your remote nation peers? Isn’t it time we came together to share our secrets for success?

Our goal at sophaya is to celebrate the invisible, growing “remote nation” that works outside the “traditional” office. As remote workers ourselves, we’ll confess our lessons learned, lifestyle advantages, trials, tribulations and productivity secrets. But we know we don’t have all the answers. That’s why it’s our mission to seek out friends and colleagues (old and new) from all over the world to bring you the best, most practical tips you need to succeed in today’s mobile workplace. We’ll bring you stories and provide the tools, tech and techniques remote professionals like you can use to advance your mobile careers while building a meaningful, enjoyable life. Are you a member of the remote nation? Would you like to be?

Welcome! We hope to hear from YOU – tell us your story of how you….

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