Remote Wednesday

Time Doctor Co-Founder Committed to Remote Work Vision

                        Liam Martin intended to study sociology as a professor but now his research is focused on learning about the quirks and intricacies of workers through data gleaned by the companies he co-founded, and Time Doctor. provides insights on how people are… Read more »

Designer Values Remote Work for Flexible Schedule

Josh Hernandez launched into remote work as an independent soft goods designer after college as a way to get working immediately. Although he trained as an industrial designer, he has added branding and graphic design work to his practice. What made you interested in Remote Work? I had an internship at a big company. I… Read more »

Remote Work Turns out to be Healthier for Marketing Consultant

It was the drive that finally drove Steve Bautista into remote work as a marketing consultant. Specifically, 12 years of commuting. He was living in Rhode Island and spending his working days at Boston ad agencies. There’s only one major highway and it’s predictably jammed in both directions for a good chunk of the day.… Read more »

How to Travel Around the World and Still Get Work Done

Like any tourist, Brooke Roberts was thrilled to be staying in an Airbnb in Athens that turned out to be just a few minutes walk to the Acropolis. She would have loved to have spent all day there, but she’s not an ordinary tourist. She is a remote professional who has taken her work on… Read more »

Remote Professional Launched Co-work Space to Create Ideal Office

Michael Lucerto recently opened a co-working space, Inc.Ubate, in Winthrop, MA. He works for the publishing company Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) and is also a consultant for the Fund for Education Abroad.  Recently, he was elected to the Winthrop Town Council as councilor-at-large. He has a home office but spends much of his time… Read more »

Using the Power of Flexibility to Edit a Book and Counsel Non-Profits Remotely

Cathy Plourde learned the ins and outs of remote work while she co-edited the book, Making Out Like a Virgin: Sex, Desire and Intimacy after Sexual Trauma. She was living in London while the other editor remained stateside. The contributors to the book were from all over the globe.< She is back in the U.S.… Read more »

Couple Finds Benefits of Telecommuting with More Family Time

Wilson Rey wasn’t looking to telecommute when he started a new job as a systems engineer at a major health care system three years ago, but with two young children, he soon realized the benefits of being able to work remotely several days a week. He was able to spend more time with the children… Read more »

David Shriner-Cahn
Business Growth Podcaster Organizes Virtual Conference with Remote Team

David Shriner-Cahn appreciates being able to talk with a person who is sitting in the room with you. You can read their body language and see how they’re responding to what you’re saying. But he also values being able to reach more people more often through technology. That’s why the founder of the business growth… Read more »

Remote Professional Finds Balance with Co-Working Space

Jonathan LaMaster is a digital sherpa connecting businesses with everything they need for the digital world including websites, software and applications and marketing. He works with a variety of mobile app and digital advertising agencies to find the right fit for clients. How did you get into working remotely? When I first started working in… Read more »

Tara Work Evolution
Remote Professional Connects Workers with Flexible Jobs

Tara Dragon, founder and president of Work Evolution, works remotely connecting other professionals with remote and flexible work opportunities in Alberta and British Columbia.

She launched the venture based on her experiences as a remote professional and a mother of a young son returning to work.