Remote Work Helps Designer Be More Productive

Erin Gipofrd is the creative designer who makes Remote Nation by Sophaya look great. She started freelance designing in January of 2016. By November, she had a rock-solid client list that allowed her to make it a full-time business in her home office. Some of her clients are just down the street, but she’s set up to take them from anywhere. 
What do you like about remote work?
I am a home body and not really a people person so sometimes just the part of socializing with my co-workers at the office was EXHAUSTING to me.  I used to work with very chatty people and I found myself purposely avoiding them so I could work in peace and quiet!  Needless to say, now, working at home, I spend way less time on projects because I’m able to focus 100% without distractions.  I love  it!
What’s your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge is organization. I’ve never been an organized person so I’m still struggling with 1)keeping my desk neat and organized and 2)keeping my projects and communication with said projects, organized.   I have implemented TRELLO into my workflow and that has helped A LOT.
 What is your advice to someone who is getting started in remote work?
 It’s really about trial and error.  Try mixing up your schedule, try new tools to help you stay connected.  There’s no set system that works for everyone.