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Ask Sophaya: How Do I Manage My Slacking Staff?

Dear Sophaya, I have a team of mixed office and remote employees, and I’m really lucky that the majority of them overdeliver, have great attitudes, and are just a pleasure to work with. However, I have one particular remote employee who is constantly underperforming. I’ve talked to him about this before and asked if I… Read more »

Ask Sophaya: How to manage two jobs during a transition while working remotely

Dear Sophaya, I am transitioning from one job as a fundraiser working in a central office to another job where I will be an event organizer working remotely. During the transition, which will take several weeks, I’ll be working for both companies remotely. Some of the work will get done while I’m traveling; the rest… Read more »

What to do When a Remote Colleague Disappoints

Dear Sophaya,  Most of my team works remotely. We have our own projects for the most part, but we work together on some of them. One of my colleagues isn’t doing her part. I’m not her supervisor so I can’t really tell her what she is supposed to do. I also don’t know what else she… Read more »

Ask Sophaya: How Do I Conduct a Job Interview for a Remote Professional?

Dear Sophaya,   I’ve been put in charge of creating a team to manage a digital project for my company. Because we need specialists, we are looking for people who work remotely. What questions should I ask them during the interview to know if they are the right fit?   Thank you,  Team Builder   Dear Team Builder, … Read more »

How to stay visible when you’re a remote professional – Ask Sophaya

Dear Sophaya, I’ve been working remotely for two years for the same company. We had a structured reporting system that seemed to be working until we got a new manager. Now we aren’t reporting regularly and I don’t hear from the new boss very often. What should I do so I don’t get lost in… Read more »

Ask Sophaya: Learning to Communicate with Global Teams

Hi, I work as a project manager for a large international software company. I’m American but I have colleagues from all over the world. During team calls, it can be hard to get some colleagues to participate in the discussion. How can I change this?  Signed, A Globalized American Hi Globalized! It’s always a challenge… Read more »