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Building high performing virtual teams is our business. We provide practical expertise and real-life experience to help you go “virtual” today.

Let us show you how to take advantage of the real cost-savings, productivity gains and increased talent pool that a remote global workforce provides. Are you a remote professional? We’ll help you engineer a rewarding virtual career that provides flexibility and work-life integration that best fits you.


Need to build a remote work program, but don’t know how? We’ll provide you with the framework, guidelines, policies and procedures that are right for your organization. Click here for more info.


Our workshops are full of practical, applicable techniques for building highly productive virtual teams. Our instructors are accomplished virtual professionals. Click here for more info.


We're excited to share our insights on productive virtual teamwork with any size business or professional groups. Anywhere, anytime, online or offline, we’re here for you. Click here for more info.


Available online, onsite or offsite; our programs are CEU certified through our strategic partners: The Executive Development Center at Bryant University. Click here for more info.

Who We Are

Business Consulting • Skill Development • Team Productivity • Virtual Work Certification Programs

Sophaya is a virtual company. And we’re remote workers. We’ve successfully lived this global shift and understand the challenges managers and workers have when the traditional work relationship goes digital. We’ve had no trouble discovering lots of technical tools that help remote communication and team planning. But we were frustrated because there were no solutions for growing the most important aspect of any business – your human capital. So we built one for you.

Sophaya maximizes the productivity of the remote workforce through innovative and intelligent technology, products and services. We provide a comprehensive road map for companies like yours to select, develop and manage their remote workforce. You face a unique set of challenges nowadays and we are offering you a powerful, easy-to-use solution to help you meet those challenges.

So, that’s our mission… equipping you to cultivate dynamic and highly productive remote work practices. We’re committed to helping you achieve business success as you cultivate engaged remote relationships. We make you and your employees look good regardless of your address because we believe great talent can work. anywhere.

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Looking for a Speaker for Your Event?

Mari Anne Snow is a highly-skilled remote work expert with over 20 years experience managing global virtual teams. A dynamic speaker and thought-provoking writer, she is a favorite with audiences. Mari Anne is CEO and co-founder of sophaya. Mari Anne is also an adjunct professor at Bentley University and co-host of Positive Business radio with Patricia Raskin (WPRV AM790).

Utilizing a Global Workforce for Real Business Advantage

Lower overhead costs, smaller carbon footprint, higher individual productivity, larger talent pool; just a few of the compelling business benefits of a remote workforce.

Creating and Managing Highly Productive Virtual Teams

Our practical operational tips for building high-functioning virtual teams.

Using Technology to Build Meaningful Business Relationships

Our special tips for using technology to enhance and strengthen your distance relationships.

Effective Use of Video to Enhance Your Business and Cut Costs

Affordable, easily accessible – video provides a richer communication experience to those that dare to use it.

Attracting and Retaining High Performing Virtual Employees

Highly skilled virtual workers are a major asset to any business. Attracting and keeping them take a thoughtful, targeted approach.

Virtual Teamwork – Respecting Differences Over Distance

Tackling today’s complex projects requires multi-disciplinary collaboration and a tolerance for different styles, approaches and expertise.

We love speaking to business groups and professional organizations. We’re always excited to share our insights on productive virtual teamwork. Anywhere, anytime, online or offline, we’re here for you.

What's Your Story

Every day we talk with remote professionals that are true champions! While we have our experiences, we’re convinced there are lots of you out there doing extraordinary things. We think you deserve celebration and acknowledgement. Your best practices and lessons learned are of supreme interest to us and to the “remote nation” community. Tell us your amazing story of how you got started. We know you’ve got a whole pile of tips and tricks – would you share them?

In the future, we’ll have a fully automated area for you to add your story directly, but for now, email us at masnow@sophaya.com – we are excited to hear how you work. anywhere.

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