Super Polite Email Etiquette

Super Polite Email Etiquette

In this course, we’ll give you some inside tips for constructing your emails to catch someone’s attention (in a good way!). We’ll show you how to strategically use the subject line to motivate your audience to take notice, construct messages that get to the point and help you choose the best time to send it. This program includes the course intro, 10 content modules and the course summary. Total estimated time to complete this program: 90 minutes


Super Polite Email Etiquette; Lesson #1: Challenges

Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Mari Anne Snow

People are connecting through technology and multiple devices non-stop. How do we create work/life integration? As a remote professional the lines are blurred, especially with extension of time zones working with international clients. If you want your emails and communications to be noticed…