Interpersonal Communications Part 1

Interpersonal Communications Part 1

This course is the first in a series of interpersonal communication courses that make up our interpersonal communication certificate program (8 courses total). Part 1 covers the fundamentals; examining your natural style, understanding your impact on a message, connecting over distance and adjusting to suit your audience. This program includes the course intro, 10 content modules and the course summary. Total estimated time to complete this program: 90 minutes


Interpersonal Communications Part 1, Lesson #2: Understand What Separates Us

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: Mari Anne Snow

As people, we are pretty individual, making choices if we are going to understand someone or if we are not going to understand someone, both consciously and unconsciously. Life experiences, gender, education, values, culture and language can be some of the barriers causing us to see someone as different than us. What are your biases and life experiences that make you unique? Virtual team professionals need to understand…

Interpersonal Communications Part 1, Lesson #4: Tailor Your Message

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: Mari Anne Snow

As virtual team professionals, many of us have developed our own individual techniques for how to communicate over different interfaces. Construct a tailored message to be clear about what your objective is or why you are reaching out to someone. If inquiring something from the recipient, be specific and include clear…